The Pacific Racing Organization was established in 1998, formed by motorcycle racers with the vision of offering higher quality, fun, safe and competitive racing events for amateur motocross riders. P.R.O. has taken motocross event promotions to new heights, giving the riders and the sport better events in the Northwest. The Pacific Racing Organization promotes and facilitates closed course off-road motorcycle events throughout the Northwest at various venues.

Pacific Racing Organization's founder, owner and operator Ted DeVol is a avid motorcycle ethuiast that believe in the values that motocross instills in the riders, families and fans. At nearly 50 years of age, Ted is still an active rider/racer, which helps him understand all aspects of race series promotions. Ted makes his number one priority the rider, their safety on and off the track at all times during competition and lesuire.


Ted DeVol
Owner / Operator / Track Designer / Rider

Garrett DeVol
Events Director / Promotions Manager / Graphic & Web Design

Shelby DeVol
Events Coordinator / Rider Correspondence / Memberships

Terri Harding
Rider Correspondence / Memberships

Brian Barnes
Events Announcer

Joey Lancaster
Media / Special Events

Curtis Paulson
Starting Line Liason

Angie Crater / Mike Crater
Event Scoring

Cristina Dickinson / Mysti Paulin / Gabrielle Harding
Lap Checking

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Pacific Racing Organization
741-D Stevenson Ave.
Enumclaw, Wa.

(360) 829-7651

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